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September 2020

Ronnie & Logan

Whimsical and romantic Richmond Park wedding photoshoot





Magnificent Richmond park is one of my absolute favourite places in London for a photoshoot. The incredible landscapes, the wilderness and of course the deer make this park like something straight out of a fairy tale. So it was an easy choice for me when a wonderful couple Ronnie and Logan asked for suggestions for their wedding photoshoot.

The couple planned to get married in October and having the beautiful photos was a must  because they wanted to show them during the big celebratory event in their homeland next year. My suggestion on having the photoshoot before the actual wedding date was happily accepted - that way we could spend as much time on photography as we wanted. 

The photoshoot was arranged on a warm and sunny September day and we could not have asked for the better weather! The Bride and Groom-to-be looked quite smart and traditional in a white dress and a navy suit yet rock-n-roll with the matching converse. We were exploring the park and changing locations all the time and found a great number of amazingly stunning backdrops. 

All awareness and camera shyness was gone within minutes and the couple was evidently having a lot of fun together which really showed. The cherry on top has become the deer which we spotted right at she sunset (how lucky was that!). We left the park at dusk and I already knew that we took amazing shots which Ronnie ad Logan would cherish forever.

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