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August 2020

Rebecca & Bradley

Rock’ n’ Roll micro wedding at Odo’s Barn in Kent






2020 was no doubt a year of micro weddings and most of them were intimate Town Hall or church ceremonies. However a cool and absolutely gorgeous couple Rebecca and Bradley decided to have a barn wedding of their dreams (even though it was with a very small circle of their close friends).


The couple wanted the decorations and the wedding props to reflect their free spirited and punk personalities and they turned out stunning! The combination of the pampas grass and dried flowers with the big disco balls and fairy lights in the interior of a quirky Odo’s barn  - a real eye candy!

The Bride wore a bohemian lacy dress from The Indie Bride and a pair of her Doc Martens, the Groom had a fantastic burgundy Paul Smith suit and a couple of bright orange braces. They looked strikingly beautiful together!

After the ceremony where Rebecca and Bradley exchanged their own vows the Newlyweds and I went to the nearby fields to take some wedding photos. They turned out just as the couple wanted them to be - unconventional yet very dreamy, wild and incredibly artistic. 


I like to think that my style of photography is very boho chic and with the couples like this it is definitely so!

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