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October 2019

Camille & Craig

Enchanted Forest in Fulham Palace






Camille and Craig's wedding celebrations took place at Fulham Palace in West London and was a beautiful example of the importance of a family. There were almost 200 people attending, extensive family members and friends from France and the UK.


What a delight it was to see both Camille's Grandmothers (one just turned 90) getting ready in the same room with her! And a lovely group of nieces and nephews all dressed in white with floral crowns atop of their heads leading the Bridal precession down the aisle at the Saint Frances of Assisi Church.


It was a traditional Catholic ceremony and a choir singing the hymns along with the 90 or so church guests. At the end ceremony everybody gathered at the gates to throw confetti of lush rose petals over newlyweds. The Bride and Groom then were escorted to the Just Married red bus (a nod to the British side of the family) that took them to Fulham Palace. 

An enchanted forrest was the theme of the venue decorations and I was STUNNED by the outstanding work done by the wedding planner with directions from Camille & her mother. You could literally feel the magic in the air which added to the touching atmosphere created by the speeches of close family and friends followed by wild dancing to the live music.


Certainly, this very special Fulham Palace wedding was one to remember!

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