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September 2019

Becky & Dave

Warm September Wedding in Kent






A lovely couple Becky and Dave celebrated their wedding in Hadlow Manor in Kent. Their idea of a perfect special day was a cosy homely atmosphere, lots of dancing and a beautiful wedding photography that they could cherish forever. I was excited to work with the couple which was so attentive to their wedding photos and was happy to see that the venue had some beautiful surroundings where we could have a romantic photoshoot.


The ceremony which was held in the main room of Hadlow Manor was very emotional. Both, the Bride and the Groom shed some tears at the altar while saying their vows. The tears changed into the happy smiles and laughter as soon as the couple was pronounced married and the uplifted spirits stayed for the entire day.


After the wedding breakfast while the guests were having drinks and playing some outdoors games the Newlyweds and I went to explore the surroundings for the wedding photoshoot. I photographed Becky and Dave's love-story before in London so it was very natural and easy for us to work together again. The sunset sky and the fields with yellow flowers became a stunning backdrop for the gorgeous couple. 

The evening reception started with the cake-cutting and the first dance. The guests did not wait long and joined the married couple on a dance floor with some amazing moves. The party went on until the late night, Becky and Dave looked incredibly happy so did their guests - the plan to have a cosy and fun wedding with some beautiful photography has come to live!

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