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August 2019

Sarah & Diane

LGBTQ+ Rustic Chic Wedding at Oaks Farm Barn




This beautiful wedding took place in August in Surrey. A gorgeous couple Sarah and Diane planned their special day to the perfection -  a marvellous venue with a vast outdoor space, the personalised decorations, a stunning choir and lots and lots of dancing. They wanted their wedding photography to represent the atmosphere and the essence of the day depicting the candid and natural moments.


The Bridal preparations were held in the De Vere hotel in Surrey not far from Oaks Farm. Both Brides chose very elegant wedding gowns with veils, the Bridesmaids and Bridesmen (and to everyone's delight - a couple's dog) were dressed in baby pink. Bridal bouquets were made of lavish white and pink roses.

Oaks Farm is a beautiful venue with the separated ceremony room. The wedding guests were waiting for the couple to arrive listening to a live singing of the amazing choir. Diane walked down the aisle first and happily watched Sarah joining her at the altar. Following the ceremony were the group photos and the beginning of reception with the speeches and a film made by the couple for their guests.


After the wedding breakfast while everyone was enjoying themselves outdoors, the Newlyweds and I went for a romantic photoshoot. The rustic and picturesque surroundings of the venue became a great backdrop for a wedding photography.


The Brides then went to change into their evening outfits and the party has started with the first dance of the couple. A lovely surprise for everyone was Sarah's singing performance for Diane with a choir. 

The party went on with lots of dancing, happy smiles and embraces. The atmosphere of so much love and pride was inspiring to witness and as a wedding photographer I felt privileged to capture so many beautiful moments of this truly glorious wedding day.

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