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How to look good in your wedding photos?

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

Want to look stunning in your wedding photos? Here are some easy tips you can follow to look like on a cover of Vogue!

Tips on how to look beautiful in wedding and portrait photos
How to look good in your wedding photos

1. Create a mood-board

Creating a small mood-board of your dream wedding photography will help you to understand the style you prefer: is it more staged and looks like a fashion shoot or is it relaxed and candid? You can also show your mood-board to your photographer so they know what you are after. I recommend using Pinterest or Instagram for finding the style of photography that you love. You can find me on both, Pinterest & Instagram by clicking on them!

2. Make a list of your must-have photos.

It might sound like a lot of work but in reality it is really straight forward - look at your mood-board, choose your ultimate favourite photos and add them to your list. It helps to spot the right angles and poses and it will lead your wedding photographer in the right direction.

Tips on how to look beautiful in wedding and portrait photos
Best wedding photography posing tips

3. Don't be shy in telling your photographer what you want.

A good wedding photographer always retouches the photos at least a little. If there is anything in particular you wish to be photoshopped do not hold back and let your photographer know. In the end you will not regret it!

How to look good in your wedding photos
How to look good in your wedding photos

4. Choose a photographer with an eye for detail.

You probably went through lots of photographers' portfolios and in the end it is all a blur. Go for a wedding photographer who's style is a little different and who's photography makes the ordinary things look unique. It is a good sign that the photographer has an eye for detail and will be fussing around with the best angles and compositions on your wedding day - that is what you want!

5. Do a pre-wedding photoshoot.

It could be an engagement, a love-story or a bridal photoshoot. If you feel nervous in front of a camera a pre-wedding photoshoot is the best way to let your guard down and relax. You will get comfortable with your photographer and will not even pay attention to the camera on your Big Day. You can see examples of the pre-wedding photography here.

How to be confident in front of a camera
Pre-wedding couple photoshoot

If you have any questions on wedding photography or want more tips on how to look good in your wedding or portrait photos please do not hesitate to drop me a line! I will be happy to help!


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