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Intimate & micro weddings, yay or nay?

Intimate wedding at Old Marylebone Town Hall, London

We all know what the current situation is with weddings and if you have been planning to get married but not sure when you can have a big celebration an intimate wedding could be just for you. Thinking of going ahead? I have a few good reasons why you should!

Old Marylebone Town Hall micro wedding

1. Intimate weddings feel extra special.

It is you, your partner and your loved ones - no one else (well maybe a photographer). It feels special for you and for your guests. You share your happiest moment with the people you truly care about and you receive a genuine support. Yes, big and lavish weddings are great but there is something very unique and warm about a small and cozy celebration.

2. You will save a lot.

Yep, fewer guests mean more money in the bank and more chances to go on a fantastic Honeymoon after your wedding. Plus, you may afford a bit more luxury when you don't need to pay for 100+ people like a bougie restaurant you always wanted to visit or a designer wedding dress.

It also gives you a lot more time for a striking photoshoot!

Micro wedding photoshoot in Regents Park, London

3. No excessive planning needed.

Small weddings are a lot easier and quicker to plan. So if you are not an organisational fanatic that enjoys spending months choosing design for the invitations an intimate wedding would be perfect for you.

Intimate wedding at Old Marylebone Town Hall, London

4. Intimate wedding is an introvert's dream.

Can't bear a thought of socialising with a huge group of people all day? Hey, I hear you. Do it your way! Make it small but meaningful, invite your closest family and friends and enjoy every bit of it. In the end of the day it is YOUR special day and YOU should have the best time of your life.

Micro wedding at Old Marylebone Town Hall, London

If you'd like to go ahead with your intimate / micro wedding or an elopement please feel free to drop me a line! I regularly photograph Old Marylebone Town Hall and Chelsea Old Town Hall weddings in London and can advise on the best locations for a couple photoshoot after your ceremony and the places to hold your reception nearby.

I am also a recommended wedding photographer at both venues and would be happy to capture your wonderful small wedding!

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