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How to choose a wedding venue?

Finding the right wedding venue is almost as hard as finding the perfect wedding dress - there are many of them and they are not cheap (at least the good ones). How to make sure you will get your money worth when choosing a venue?

Tips on finding the best wedding venue in the UK
How to find a wedding venue

1. You should like it's aesthetic.

Sounds obvious but in my experience as a wedding photographer not everyone choose their venue according to their taste. Say, if you are really into rustic or boho weddings having your celebration in a posh period mansion could really clash with the decorations and the atmosphere you are going for. Choose a venue that corresponds to your ideal aesthetic and then you won't even need to spend that much on the decorations.

Tips on finding a wedding venue in the UK
How to choose a wedding venue

2. Make sure it is well managed.

Managing is important. If your wedding is not properly planned it will affect the day and will probably stress you out. That is the last thing you want! So make sure that the management is efficient and carrying, it's their job to look after you and make sure everything runs smoothly on your Big Day.

3. Find a venue that is flexible.

This one is arguable but it is always a red flag when a venue only works with the particular suppliers. It means that if you found someone you really like (say caterers or a videographer) they will not allow you to hire them and will ask you to choose the suppliers from their list only. They will explain it by saying that they only trust people they worked with but in reality the management usually gets some commission from those suppliers. A good venue would allow you to choose the suppliers you want.

Tips on how to find the best wedding venue in the UK
How to choose a wedding venue

These were the tips for couples on how to find a perfect venue from a wedding photographer's experience, I hope you found them helpful! Of course, there are more aspects to consider like the price and location but I tried to give advice from the years of working in the wedding business. If you have any questions on weddings please feel free to drop me a line.


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