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September 2019

Beth & Alex

Quirky and rustic barn wedding



Homely wedding of Beth and Alex took place in September in Harrow at the wonderfully rustic venue - Headstone Manor. The couple wanted to have a simple and relaxed yet elegant occasion where everyone could have a lot of fun. Their approach to wedding photography was just like their special day - natural, candid and unstrained.


The main venue of the day was the beautiful wooden barn where the ceremony and reception were held. The tables were decorated with fresh roses and the usual guestbooks were replaces with the quirky vinyl records. Meanwhile the guests were enjoying the sunshine and drinks outside on the lovely grounds of the Headstone Manor. After the wedding breakfast and some teary speeches the Newlyweds and I went for a romantic couple photoshoot in the golden sunset light.

After the sunset the party went on with the first dance and the arrival of the evening guests. A big surprise for everyone was the Groom and his band performing for the Bride and the wedding party. The live music was playing until very late at night adding more magic to the very special atmosphere of the day.

Wedding photography is a pleasure at Headstone Manor where it is so easy to have a whimsical and fun celebration!

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