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September 2019

Anna & Jay

Bohemian and sustainable wedding at

Petersham Nurseries



This rustic chic whimsical wedding took place in sunny September in London. The happy couple Anna and Jay wanted to have a boho-feel celebration with some amazing sustainable features.


The preparations started at the Bingham House hotel in Richmond with Bridesmaids all wearing floral kimonos (special gift from the Bride). Anna chose an elegant dress from an eco-friendly brand Rime Arodaky and shoes from another famous green activist - Stella McCartney. The pale blue dresses from Realisation Par for the Bridesmaids were simple yet beautiful.


The Bridal party then travelled to the Orleans Gallery where the ceremony took place at the lavish Octagon room. The rose petals confetti were thrown at the Newlyweds at the end of the ceremony which made the experience even more glamourous. The glamour was then quickly swapped with a light-hearted attitude as the couple and the guests changed into flats and started walking towards the tiny pier on the river. The pre-reserved boats took them to the other side and the walk continued in good spirits.

The destination was reached when we approached Petersham Nurseries where the reception was held. The decorations and the vibe were spot on - beautifully adorned tables with fresh flowers, rustic wooden chairs and a live band. Organic and ethically sourced food was served for the wedding breakfast. We also had a chance for some amazing romantic photography - as Petersham Nurseries has probably the best backdrop for the bohemian wedding. 

In the evening the party went on with the guests now walking to the next venue - The Revolution in Richmond. The Bride changed into her second dress from The Reformation for the first dance. And the celebration went onto the night with the cocktails and some wild dancing.

 This environmentally friendly and incredibly relaxed and fun occasion was really a truly special event. 


Add an amazing aesthetic and the gorgeous venues and you get the formula for a perfect bohemian chic wedding!

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